About Us

TWEX USA is part of the TWEX Group and is headed by Mr. PB Stanton Esq.

The TWEX Group of companies is comprised of the following:

– TWEX Estonia a fully regulated Financial Institution
– TWEX Succursal Portugal,
– TWEX India,
– TWEX Holland,
– TWEX Israel,
– TWEX Securities Ltd (Cyprus),
– And TAG Investment Bankers Ltd (UK) – the main holding company

The management team of our Group has over 300 years of combined experience in various fields such as: Investment Banking, Financial Technology (FinTech), Banking and Financial Services, Alternate Investment Management (AIM), Innovative and Disruptive Technologies (such as Blockchain, Hyper ledger, etc.)  Marketing, IT, Sales, Programming, Alternative Finance, Accounting and Management, etc.

TWEX is a unique revolutionary platform where acquisitions and trading of all digital assets can only be made using our native token: TWERO.

TWEX is a fully functional regulated trading site for Digital Security Tokens (DST). Our DST Protocol has been created using new technologies such as blockchain and hyper ledger to name just a few.

The TWERO Token has a minimum guaranteed value of 9.4 € at all times when in circulation irrespective of trading volumes and market prices!

Real assets in the form of shares, preferred shares, debt obligations, real estate, technology, patents back all DST trading on our sites.

The use of our DST Protocol enables us to tackle the following common problems which may be encountered when investing:

The possibility to recoup your investment at a time of your choosing.

Ability to price the value of your investment at any time.

Predefined scheme for returns on your investment.

Granular structure allows investment to be sold in part rather than as a whole.

Fractional investments making expensive investments affordable for the smaller investor.

Fully compliant with European and International rules and regulations to provide legal certainty.