About Us

TWEX USA is part of the TWEX Group and is headed by Mr. Sunil Upadhye.

The TWEX Group of companies is comprised of the following:

– TWEX Estonia a fully regulated Financial Institution
– TWEX Succursal Portugal,
– TWEX India,
– TWEX Holland,
– TWEX Israel,
– TWEX Securities Ltd (Cyprus),
– And TAG Investment Bankers Ltd (UK) – the main holding company

TWEX is a fully functional regulated trading site for Digital Assets/Tokens (DST). Our DST Protocol has been created using new technologies such as blockchain and hyper ledger to name just a few. Real assets in the form of shares, preferred shares, debt obligations, real estate, technology, patents back all DST trading on our sites.

The use of our DST Protocol enables us to tackle the following common problems encountered when investing:

  • Liquidity – no possibility to recoup your investment at a time of your choosing,
  • Inability to price the value of your investment,
  • Potentially long term wait before being able to earn some dividends,
  • If you find a buyer for your investment because of a need of funds, you usually have to sell your entire holding,
  • Fractional investments making expensive investments available for less not readily available,
  • Non compliance with any rules and regulations thus opening the doors to potentially dire consequences,
  • Lack of transparency on investments,

(This is a non-exhaustive list)

These are just few of the problems you face, will face or might face when investing.

What else can I buy with my TWEX Token?

A bunch of Security and Utility Tokens as well as various other crypto and digital assets created on on our sister site www.twexsec.com

Some of these assets are unique as their characteristics change the minute they are traded!

For example we took a preferred share issued by a company listed on our sister site, tokenised it and offered it for sale.

A Preferred share gives you a first lien on the assets of the issuer in case of default and failure to pay a debt.

In our system they come accompanied by actual tokenised debt obligations to repay back loans granted to companies and tokenised profit participations.

Their life cycle is indexed on the entire duration the company takes to repay back its debt. The minute the debt is repaid they cease to exist.

Their value, notwithstanding their initial utility of giving the investor a first lien on all assets of the company is also based on the payments made yearly by the issuer based on their sales augmentation!

As such, an ERC20 token is created and offered for trading. The value of the token is based on the payouts made. If owner of said TPS also holds the smart contracts for capital repayment then and only then he is also entitled to the security offered by the lien on all assets of the company.

If the owner acquired the TPS ERC20 Token on the secondary market alone, then he is only entitled to the payouts made quarterly, semi annually or yearly by issuer based on a percentage of sales augmentation post and prior funding without the security granted by the first lien on all assets of the company. Unless also owner of the capital repayment smart contracts, these rights are shifted back to the capital repayment portion. These unique tokens will then be split into two equal parts: TPS1 and TPS2. TPS1 will be attached to the smart contract for capital repayment and TPS2 will hold the rights associated with the initial offering: percentage of sales augmentation post and prior funding!

Solutions brought forward by TWEX

We tokenize the various offerings on our site while backing each of the offerings by the relevant assets offered by the companies (issuers).

We then enable you to trade your investments at a time of your choosing and need. We give you access to tools that will help you create liquidity in an illiquid market!

Our calculation tool based on our proprietary algorithm that encompasses many factors (37 financial ratios derived from two yearly audits on each company listed on our Exchange after they are fully funded) enables you to calculate a net present value for your investments. (This does not apply to other types of assets not emanating from companies sourced by us and allowed to trade on our Exchange)

Each company issues the following securities to back the DST they are creating:

  • Smart Contracts for capital repayments (SCC) if debt obligations used,
  • Smart Contracts for profit participation (SCP) if debt obligations used,
  • Tokenized Preferred Share (TPS) earning 1 % of sales augmentation post and prior funding and also giving you priority rank in case of bankruptcy with variable end term based on type of collateral being offered by issuer,
  • Common Shares of the company if so elected – entitling you to regular dividends and voting rights,

You are then able to hold or to offer your investment(s) in whole or in part at a price of your choosing. For example if one of the companies owes you 10,000 on Month 18. On month 15 you need access to your funds. You come to the site; insert the ticker symbol of the investment you want to sell and receive the pricing of 9,600 from our Algorithm. You can offer said investment for sale at 8,000 if you want to price it competitively for a potentially fast sale. Any investor visiting the site and or registered on the site will receive and or view a message showing your sale price and the 25 % return potential in 3 months time!

We offer our investors the possibility to strip and independently trade all of their investments. They can trade as a whole or partly the Smart Contract Capital (SCC) and or Smart Contract Profit Participation (SCP), the Tokenized Preferred Share (TPS) and finally the DST itself. Trade one or two years while keeping the other contracts or trade everything!

Each token on our site is exchangeable on a one to one basis against a Securities Token of the same name trading on one of our partners’ Regulated Exchanges. The collateral backing and assets remain the same!
Or keep your TWEX Token!